Saturday, October 22, 2011


Even though when people see me I have on a wild outlandish suit, I must say i'm also in love with classic fabrics as well. To me I really feel a pinstripe suit adds a lot of class to a man's character. Now a days men are afraid to really wear pinstripes because they don't want to be recognized for channeling Al Capone LOL! However, a pinstriped suit matched with the right shirt, tie, and shoes is a dangerous set up!!!! Here we have Steve harvey, one of my favorite dressers and a true vet in the style game. He's stuntin in his best for his annual hoodie awards. Here he goes for a classic black pinstriped suit, white shirt, white tie and white vest.On the feet kills it very classy with black and white spectator shoes. Not for nothin but this look breeds class. I would have loved to see him throw a brim hat on with this. I understand he's trying to show off the whole masculine look with the baldy, but come on man, certain suits scream for a hat!!!!But any way, very chic look for that night. I feel a lot of times steve harvey is trying to dumb down his outfits more to appeal to mainstream America because of his lucritive business ventures. But come on steve, your style and your humor combined is what got you here. But, I know you have to play the game!!!!

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