Sunday, October 23, 2011


Recently when I see Blackmen Dressed up, I normally see most of them sporting the Bespoke tailored look. Which is ok for someebody types. Many of today's black men have been sold on the whole European/Italian cut suit. However, what these "well Dressed" men in the African American community don't understand is these suits aren't created with our Body type in mind. I mean Jackets that are cut to stop at the hip. Pants that are so tight they look like they'll split if you take one turn. And headwear???? Lets just say the Fedora and the trilby are the dress hats of choice. Nothing against them because I've been known to sport a few. However, these looks don't really represent our culture. So when I thumbed through the Men's Wear section of The Ashiro Catalog, It must have been an act of god to see African American dressing for the style of the cuilture. Three piece flowing suits that are full in the legs, jackets that were cut just right to highlight the shape just right. I def love the Styling. White over coats, gray tweed over coats black velvet collars. Wide brim hats. Reminiscent of the Stacy Adams suits a few years ago. And not for nothing, a lot of these suits are from Stacy Adams. However, they're not the suits that they're pushing in Magazines. The red blazer on the intro-cover is so striking, very playerish, which makes a strong statement to wear the rest of the looks are going. Then I love the way they show you how to wear a bow-tie snd a three piece black suit with a black hat. Then turned around and switched up the look with a gray tweed over coat with the velvet collar and a Gray humberg godfather hat and a stacy adams shawl. The teal green suit is also sleek eye catching look. Also to my surprise Ashiro also showed off a breath taking black pinstripe three piece suit, with a red dress shirt with a matching red tie. From their they top it off by showing the black black suit, red dress shirt/tie look with a white over coat and white wide brim. Becide people in the high fashion world,many in the black community look down their nose at this particular style. It's like they hate to look like their four fathers. Many feel dressing like this reeks of a character act or put on. Many in our culture hate to be scene as a jack leg preacher or pimp. But let's be honest, you know what you are. You are what you make yourself to be. It's not the suit on the man, it's the main the suit. If the man in the suit is an up-standing memberof societ then that's what he is. Nobody can take that away from. Look all the old movies, this is how our black men dressed. Europe doesn't get our culture. Instead we shell out money to buy a piece of their culture, in which we don't fit in Literally and figuritivly. Even though I would never wear a suit out of this catolog(however I am clocking the coats and hats), it was refreshing to see this. It did my heart well to see black men looking powerful and bold. Not conforming to Savil Row!!!!

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