Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Here I stand as man who everyone seeks guidance from. Yet in the midst of my struggle many do not have the wise words to which I seek. I've been misquoted, mislead, misunderstood, and everything that requires the prefix mis. But in all things I know your hands can lead my life in the right direction. Where once I carried the worries and cares of others on my shoulders, my heart grieves for their anguish. Even though I am your vessle that you've chosen to illuminate the world, I understand that I am only human. You've blessed my life wins instead of loses. So when I lose I can't except defeat graciously. However, I understand your teaching me that everyone in life loses and wins. there has come a day where I have no control over these situations. But I know threw fath and prayer you have the power to breath life back into it all. I am nothing out you. LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME JESUS, I DON'T MIND!!! IT IS IN YOUR HANDS

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