Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zota Black Pleated With Metal Studs Diagonal Toe Snake Print Shoe

Zota iz battling back in the shoe market with what are the most over the top pointed shoez. they've been trying to compete in the classic vintage market with wingtip'z and spectator shoez. However, pointed toe shoez are what Zota doez best!!!!The metal studz help add a touch of class and flash all in the same breath. Def a shoe that def workz with a black suit. A mean charcoal suit would def highlight them well. But I must say thiz i'm not a fan of wearing white suitz with all black shoez. In my mind I have what i'd I like to call a "iz that all" complex when i see black dress shoez and a white suit. like iz tthat all you can come up with? No matter how flashy the all black shoe iz, there are still more optionz with a white suit. Going back to the shoe, with theze I would kill theze a black suit, white dress shirt, black bow-tie, and a gray Pork Pie hat. Def a shoe worthy honor.

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