Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last week I posted two pair of sneakerz from GBX'z 2011 line. Thiz week i'm back with with another model in the form of a casual boat shoe. In my miind what'z weirding me out iz i'm more in love with the darker colorz than the bright jointz. It'z something about them that make a bolder statement without really having to say look at me. Which coming from me sayz a lot. Becauze i'm heavy into bright colorz and bold designz!!!! Now don't get me wrong I would def wear any of the bright colored boat shoes, but the darker colors are more striking. If I were to wear them with the suit they would be low key enough to let the top portion of the outfit speak. a great way to create a casual balance to a dressy outfit. def can't wait to the release of theze. GBX def killed it!!!!!

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