Saturday, April 9, 2011


  Once again GBX nailz it for the Spring and Summer monthz with a slew of dangerouz footwear to knock out the competition. Starting off thingz are theze high top kickz that come in various color wayz. However for me the two stand out colorz have to be the red and white and the gray,  white, white and lime. Whatz crazy iz i'm more into the gray, white and lime green!!!!!  However, the gray haz the effect to work with man different outfitz. The fold down tongue and top edging are a fixture of the GBX'z Radikal G line. Which in my opinion they work better with them un cuffed instead of cuffed down. Just my opion. But, my favorite element of the shoe... THE GBX LOGO DETAIL!!!!! Bold and in your face on the side!!!! What?? They know i'm a label hog!!!! Along with the sneakers comez the official youtube video for GBX spring 2011 line. Harbor Footwear I must commend you again on the imagery uzing the urban street element with the one single break dancer.  The vibe iz def raw.  Def have to have the gray jointz!!! They're on my list!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe if i must say the second pair the gray ones are my favorite