Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sisco a style legend iz hiz prime

In the prime
When we talk about what it iz to be a star, there are so many definitionz. Many of our starz today try to shy away from the over accessive lifestyle that the glitz and glamor of entertainment haz to offer. However, I feel there hazn't been a star with such charisma of R&B sensation Sisqo of the grammy award winning group Dru Hill. Back in 2000-01 Sisqo oozed flashiness and flamboyance on the red carpet. He really lived up to the image of what it meant to be a pretty boy. Not only that, he took a lot of fashion riskz. I mean how many artistz do you know that can kill a fur coat and leather pantz in the middle of hot steamy LA weather??? Leather suitz and leather pantz!!! What I loved the most about hiz style waz that he alwayz approaced style with a hip and young edge. Like if he wore a red suit, he would wear an untucked dress shirt with a pair of shell toe Adidas. Or a black suit with white Nike Air force one sneakerz. Alwayz something to just say to yourself, what will he do next??? Az if hiz hair didn't do enough damage!!! Switching from blond to platinum silver, to doing blond braidz, then even switching it to red!!!! Lol! And in my head I really waz inspired to see him wear the over sized Coogi sweat suitz or short setz!!!At that time Coogi waz at itz purist form in the hip-hop community!!! Over all sisqo waz an unsung hero in the style world. Itz just sad that he took a lot of abuse from the black community saying that he waz gay!!! Then on top of that, being shunned by hiz fan base for making commentz stating he waz the best male vocalist. Then being called out by usher after making that statement. It all took a toll on hiz career!!! But Gay or not, you couldn't pull off that yellow leather suit even if you tried lol!

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