Monday, April 18, 2011

metallic trim cut-out mircostud heel

LADIEZ, LADIEZ, LADIEZ!!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO BE THE ENVY OF EVERY FEMALE WHO WALKZ BY YOU THIZ SUMMER, INVEST IN EITHER PAIR OR BOTH OF THEZE SHOEZ!!! Either kill theze with a mean dress or with jeanz you can't go wrong!!!! One thing iz certain, you will be the talk of the town!!! And you may think men don't notice ya style. The wild misconception about men iz that we're attracted to only your sex appeal and not to your style sense!!!! SOOOOOO NOT TRUE!!!! Men notice everything from ya heelz, dress, to ya purse!!! Take a pole and ask would a man rather see a female in heelz or sneakerz and see what the resultz are. IF THEY'RE REAL MEN, THEY'LL OPTED FOR HEELZ!!!Just food for thought!!

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