Saturday, April 16, 2011


If you follow my blog you know that Donell Jones iz one of my favorite R&B singerz of all time. Besidez hiz monumental songz he def haz hiz own smooth style of dress that paved the way for a lot of R&B croonerz of today. In thiz particular video, "this luv", Jones haz many elementz and layerz of great style. Hiz trademark brim hatz, to the sherling coat, to the black leather pantz trend of 2001 all signify the notion of sartorial greatness. Plus the ladiez in thiz joint got it goin on!!!!!! I MEAN DANG!!!!! Over all Donell Jones haz alwayz had style. He waz a true representation of a new  chicago player for the 2001 era.

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