Saturday, April 9, 2011


It'z kind of ironic that I would do a post such az thiz, becauze the nature of thiz blog iz far from conservative. Everything featured on thiz blog haz a flashy and extravigent touch attached to it. however, I do feel one should explore the plite of a conservitive dresser. Conservitive dressing for men haz alwayz been reserved for gentlemen in the corperate sector. Think Business meetingz, power lunchez, board roomz and ect. A professional arena where the war iz waged with understated statis symbols. The right or in thiz case the proper dress code iz def needed. The bright colored Zoot Suit or my dashiki suitz are def frowned upon when stepping in a room full of investorz ready to buy into a company. The right attire? Short length black or dark navy blue suitz, light pinstripez az well. Black or dark brown dress shoez. White dress shirtz, maybe a light blue or pale pink dress shirt on a good day. If your established and you run the scene, maybe you can go for a bolder tie. In my eyez there are many great conservitive dresserz however, Donald Trump Standz out az one of the best conservitive dresserz in the professional world. Besidez being a great business mogul and self promoter, he def knowz how to put great outfitz together just uzing great dress shirt and tie combinationz. at timez the only thing that trully standz out from far off are hiz colorful and bold tiez. I have a philosophy about men who dress conservitive. Most of them dress very understated but are the most cocky acting and have a tendency to flaunt their wealth more than flashy dresserz. Letz be real, unless you actually knew that trump waz wearing a Brooks Brothers Suit, you wouldn't know unless he told you. And nine timez out of ten he would probably let you know that your suit iz beneath hiz lol!!! Where a red suit iz a red suit, it speakz for itself, no need to comment or elaborate!!!! The conservite business mindset doez not only work with not only dresscode or statis, it iz also in how one doez business az a whole. Which in recent weekz Trump'z actionz during hiz announcement of running for president haz only proven me right!!! He'z gone into an all out full scale attack on president Obamma, questioning hiz validity of being an American citizen. Going az far az to hire people to check out hiz residential statis in Hawaii. At the same time i'm shocked becauze Trump iz a business man and def understandz that one should not have to defame anotherz character in order to get ahead!!!!! But I guess when you have control over everything I guess you feel nothing can stop you!!! Which in the end can lead to hiz demise!!! THE ART OF THE CONSERVATIVE DRESSER

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