Sunday, April 24, 2011

FRESHANOMICZ THE EASTER EDITION!!!1 Steve Harvey white Pork Pie summer hat

Didn't have time do a full video on thiz hat i bought from K&G. It'z a White Summer Steve Harvey pork pit hat. Yez you all know my infatuation with thiz style of hat. It'z wild, one day I waz wearing my gray wool felt pork pie to work and a gentleman said I waz channeling Sammy Davis Jr. And it'z funny becauze a lot of people don't know that the Pork pie waz hiz hat of choice. So I know thiz iz going to be great for tommorrow since it'z Easter aka the great style war(az I dubbed it). Shout out to gentz who felt in order to look good you have to take a trip to NY!!!!! Style izn't in your location. It'z found in your creativity.

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