Friday, May 28, 2010


After a long hiatus from muzik and being out of sight from the public eye, Kanye haz leaked some new track that haz the whole internet buzzing. The song in question iz called power and it featurez some vocalz from R&B artist dwele. but more notable are the the hard hitting grit lyricz that everybody haz known kanye for outside of 808's and heartbreak(which I still don't own, yez and i'm still a kanye fan). Thiz song iz a teaser leading up to hiz fifth album called Good @$$(I don't curse) job, which will finish the arranged albumz. personally i'll be glad for kanye'z return to the music world. Everybody rememberz hiz out burst at the 09 mtv video music awardz when he stormed the stage during tailor swiftz crowning moment, when she one best video over beyonce. I mean what can I say, the brotha spoke the truth, he waz just drunk enough to say everything we all couldn't say from home. And what'z the big deal??!! Wazn't the first time Rapperz stormed award show stagez to cop a spazz!! Anybody remember a young snoop at the Source awardz or ODB at the Grammyz in 98? But becauze kany'z known for having tantrumz, he got the bum rap. Well anyway, I'm ready to see Mr. West return back to the Mic.

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