Saturday, May 1, 2010


After a very weird day yesterday a brotha really needed a chance to unwined. so my pookie and I went to and a movie at the Milford mall. Pookie put me on to her spot buffalo wild wingz that servez some real decent food. But we decided to take it to go becauze it waz packed in that peice!!! Lol! While in there one dude yelled to me sayin he waz feelin my shoez!! LOL! I dig the compliment but i'm right next to u!!! Lol! Pookie and I vibed over bbq wingz and honey bbq burgerz. I can't front that joint handlez biz!!! The uzual suspectz in our facez. but it waz rather light for the evening. After diing together we went upstairz to check out Nightmare on elm street. Not for nothin but that movie waz one half special effectz and one half trash with five percent of a distorted story line. I mean I thought freddy died in a basement in hiz crib!!! They had him az a costodian of a pre-school uzing gardening toolz to harm children. Then getting killed by a mob of parentz setting the school on firre with him in it. MAN THEY GOT FREDDY LOOKIN LIKE HE'Z SUFFERIN FROM MALNUTRITION!!! STUPID MESS!!!! What happened to dream warriorz, new nightmare, freddy vz jason? Classic filmz that had a freddy krugar with charisma!!! All theze film companiez care about iz dollarz. Not classic filmz!!! Either way, it waz fun for me and pookie to laugh at!!! Lol! dang to think a Pill popping kid helped save the day!! Lol! any way, had fun with the missez. We know how to have a great time out. I'm novie crazy now. Tryna hit that Iron Man next week!!!

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I see you're still fuzzin '