Monday, May 17, 2010

FRESH TO DEF!!!!!??????

Growing up in the dayz when Rocafella recordz ruled the air wavez, it waz hard to ignore thiz crystal/armadale bottle carying, dice dancing, individual damon dash. To be honest I uzed to admire dame becauze he showed people that u didn't have to be a rapper to make it in the rap industry. Being able to get ya point across to people and having people feel the effectz of what you just said. Dame waz known for arguing pointz in board meetingz and ect. Armed with hiz harlem state of mind he put the globe onto beibng Fresh to def. another statement uzed for getting fly. man what black people won't come up with!!! LOL! Alwayz sporting the flyest of apparel. I remember him killing the mess out of thiz adidas sweat suit in the one for peedi video. Or coming on rap city with Diadora throw back sneakerz in 2002. While the Roc reigned supreme Dame waz the poster child for what cool waz. Whatever he put hiz hand oozed a certain amount of cool. But in my head itz hard for me to see that the Rocafella split put him in the position of being a loser. And also had him looking like a bitter ex by taking shotz at jay-z in interviewz. Which in a sense lowerd the integrity that he worked hard to build. But at the end of the day he'z human like everybody elze. U cut a person they bleed. But Dame even took shotz at Jay'z style, saying that he waz dressing like the whiteman, and going after the grown and sexy movement. But itz really crazy to see dame expressing hiz new form fresh with the old school racoon tail hat and over sized framez. I know he'z showin hiz inner 80'z hustler, but if he saw thiz same exact look on someone elze he'd laugh at them. What i'm saying iz it seemz funny to see him trying to experiment with hiz look. Specially when he'z laughed at many who have over done their look. But I guess everybody at one point decidez to tap into their creative side.

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