Sunday, May 30, 2010


In church my dad preached about the difference between the penticostal and baptist denominationz in the christain faith. The concept of today'z sermon iz based on how the christian denominationz all worship god father and jesus the sun but all feel that they're different or otherwize even better than one another. Which to be honest, iz a very ignorant thought, becauze one'z salvation izn't in the denomination, itz in whether one haz given their life over to christ. To understand thiz we have to understand that the Penticostal denomination waz brought up under the beleifz brought about during the day of penticost, when men from different countriez, backgroundz and beleifz were able to speak in different tonguez(languagez) but they all understood eachother!! on that great day they all danced and shouted. So in the current day the penticostal church regardz themselvez az a lively bunch who don't mind sweating it out, dancing, and professing their love for christ. While over the yearz the baptistz have gotten the rap for being more quiet and sufisticated bunch(well at my church we don't get down like that, we're baptistz who party like itz club jesus)!! But something that my dad said today really left an imprint in my mind. The baptist faith derivez from the principlez set by john the baptist. When people look at John, he waz a wild man. Uncivilized individual. A man who lived amongst the animalz. But whatz wild that jesus came to john to be baptized. John tried to tell jesus that he wan't worthy to baptize him. But jesus professed that he wanted to go through John'z Baptizm. Siting that john'z way the way a man be born again. So with out the baptizm there iz no penticost. Jesus came to John'z party!!!!

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