Friday, May 28, 2010


Back at it again guyz, just here to let u guyz know how thingz are goin. Thank god today iz friday. Haz been some what trying and difficult but through the grace of God he'z been helping me through. Itz just crazy how thingz can get. Sometimez my head feelz like itz swimming in a sea of distortion. but i'm able to keep my mind right. My afternoon/evening waz great. Got to chill in my hood (hillside 4x) with some old friendz. Talkin bout the Good old dayz. The dayz when we grew up and our neighborhood meant somethin. Az of late I've been on some anti social junk, when dealing with my neighborhood. So many new characterz and young upstart bratz until u don't know whoze who. Man I forgot how ill it waz to talk to people who I grew up with. Reminissin on old Elementary, middle and high school dayz. Thinkin bout how many people we grew up with didn't make 25. Junk iz a blessing that we're still here and functioning. Many moved away out the hood, to do better after the life of our hood (ill will 4x) passed away. Found out one of my dudez joined the military. I'm proud of that dude. Man we've all come along way and still strivin. I ain't mean to hit ya'll with that sentimental junk. But itz real. Anyway i'm feelin like going shoppin tommorrow. Maybe even hit a movie. Really I might just go movie crazy the whole weekend. A brotha deservez it!!! Anyway, Fresh will check back u guyz, keep ya headz up and god bless!

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