Friday, May 28, 2010


Hearing My dad talk about hiz glory dayz az a young man comin up, iz alwayz fun to listen to. I love hearing about how he uzed to dress back in thoze dayz. Mohair Shark Skin suitz trech coatz, apple jackz. Straight cool player ish!! But talking about shoez iz another story. He alwayz talkz about he uzed to glide across dance floorz doing the jamez brown in a pair of Stacy Adamz or a pair of Stetsonz. Now me being a second generation stunter, I know stetson for making some of the best hatz in the world(hatz are the hardest to debate on what brand iz the best lol!). Butmy dad had to school me. Back in the day Stetson and stacy adamz brandz battled tooth and nail in the men'z dress shoe market. He rememberz being in the navy and being kicked out of a club with a pair of stetsonz on. Itz crazy when I searched for picz of vintage stetson shoez, I saw many great spectatoz, buckz, cap toez, and wingtipz. But now Stetson haz gone into the cowboy boot market real heavy. Trust me, I don't hate on cowboy bootz. Cauze a brotha doez plan to come up on a few. But I can only imagine what it would be like if stetson really stuck with the original floor plan and kept making classic men'z shoez? Man I just can't wait to tell my children storiez of how I waz back in the day!! Lol!

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Socialite said...

i love them shoes :)
make a statement then tell the story to your kids and hopefully one day thell do the same, a never ending story...