Friday, May 14, 2010


In the battle of high end Luxury bagz and accessoriez we've seen it all from Gucci G'z, Fendi FF'z, Louis Vuitton origami/camo/stephen Sprous style and even seen the researgence of their 80'z rival MCM. But in the battle of the bagz a new competitor iz rizing in the rankz. The new juggernat in accessoriez goez by the name of Louis Stewart. Little iz known about the particular bag designer but there haz been speculaton thiz man uzed to work/design for Louis Vuitton some yearz ago. Now breaking out on hiz own, Louis Stewart sending shock wavez through the style community with hiz line of Lavish bagz. Uzing materialz such az croc , alligator, pony, calf skin and ect they pride themselvez on uzing top quality fabricz. other than the bagz themselvez, the way the brand promotez their goodz through a seriez or gorrilla style youtube videoz that have many of today'z most hottest rapperz holding the bagz, and giving their version of a testimoney. Everybody from Drake, rick ross, the game, soulja boy, Dr. Dre, wacka flacka flame have been videod with theze peicez. They've also been featured on the Tyra bankz show and also in Wale'z latest video 'diary'. Many online chatterz and bloggerz have a lot of mixed emotionz with the brand. Many feel that Louis Stewart iz commanding all thiz hype with no actual website to buy the Goodz. Otherz are furiouz with the idea that Louis Stewart iz suppozed to be the new rival to Louis vuitton. i mean Louis Vuitton haz been around since the 1800'z and haz been the brand of choice amongst the royalty and the aristocracy. many LV enthusiest feel thiz upstart brand haz a nerve to try to compete with the best since the designer(louis stewart) uzed to work for LV. In my opinion I feel the bagz have great craftmenship, but I feel the brand will run the risk of falling victum of being a fleeting trend, that will have a few faithful followerz. Right now itz great to see a new breed of competitorz coming out with innovative accessoriez. I mean it goez and comez back around from Goyard, Hermes, LV, but the game needz new life. the only thing i dislike iz itz over saturating by just showing any and every rapper with the bagz. which kind of makez the company come off az desperate and attention seeking. But letz be real if their videoz and marketing wazn't effective, I wouldn't be posting about them.

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