Monday, May 24, 2010


What'z FuZzN blog family, Milt-Fresh checkin in to keep ya'll abreast of what'z happenin with me. On my twitter and facebook pagez i been hittin em with my new slogan "SUMMER 2010 BELONGZ TO MILT-FRESH". MAN THAT NEEDZ TO GOT ON A T-SHIRT!!! LOL! I've been uzing that statement becauze my summerz have alwayz been memorable. Been gettin it in sine 2001. my best summerz would have to be 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, and 08. But trust can't talk about it but trust summer 2010 belongz to milt-fresh. itz wild when I get idea'z I devulge my idea'z in theze postz. I know my pookie iz gonna kill me for thiz one, but I think I might do a post on my favorite storez that I shop at. Now i used to didn't tell suckaz where I got my itemz from. But I figure like thiz, they're not gonna stunt FuZz like me. They can't put that finishing touch on a fit like Milt-Fresh can!! They'll try but won't even come close!!! The majority of dudez aren't that dedicated to the artform of getting dressed or styling to go to the endz of the earth for the most d@ngerouz itemz!!! So for everyone who haz been wondering, i'll look out for ya'll...MAYBE!!!!! LOL!!!! Yo i'm not a Drake fan, but that song, Find your love iz gonna be my summer anthem!!!! I already know radio stationz are going to kill it. I can already imagine what itz doing in the clubz. I can see that az the last song of the night befor itz time to leave. Recently i've been wearing some of my older shoez from 3-4 yearz ago. In theze two picz i'm wearin my Giorgio Brutini multi colored snake skin jointz from 05-06. also known az the "HEY SNAKEZ"!!! Lil nick name my girl friend pookie gave em(therez a story behind thiz lol!). Right now i'm feeling life moving for the positive. At timez it seemz like thingz are rough, rocky, and turbulent. Itz a struggle to stay positive, but some how through the grace of god i'm able to make it through life. More over god iz able to pursue every one of my dreamz. Itz funny, last time I waz walking through the mall with my pookie, some sucka yelled out whatz up church boy. Funny part about that iz the person who yelled that out drumz for one of the church'z i've spoken at(doezn't that make u a church boy). Back when I waz younger i remember I would spazz if that term waz directed towardz me. For many veiw men that go to church az weak individualz!!! can't front, I hate that stereotype. But az a man in thiz day and age I feel there iz no other peaceful place than church. Being one with god haz made me a stronger and more secure man. The power of Jesus haz helpedvconrol my impulses(not the kickz on the harbor side). I ain't say nothin, a nigga just waved. But oh boy better understand, one day you'll need thiz church boy. take care my friendz!!! and god bless!!!