Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Itz been a while since Milt-Fresh actually took the time converse with u guyz. Since 2010 began thingz have become kind of rocky. Man when you think you got thingz together, you find out u ain't even got a finger on the situation. Life takez u in ten different directionz. Wakin up dayz figuring out what the heck are u even doing here. Coming home tryna figure out are u the crazy one or are other people just that weird? A lot of thingz i'm tryna get off the ground but it seemz like, trying to lift them up becomez the hardest task. Alwayz finding out the downside to innovation iz that otherz may not ever understand. But i'm thankful for the one who takez the time to understand complex organizm called Milt-fresh. thoze who have been reading thiz blog forever know about my baby gurl Pookie Veronica smith-Brown. That woman supportz me through everything. When timez are rough she iz there with wordz of wizdom to lend support. In timez of great triumph she'z there to celebrate with me. Thatz what I need in theze timez. I guess whatz hard for me to understand iz lozing. Being on the downside. I guess i've one sooooooooooo many timez until when defeat comez itz hard for me to deal. But az I go through theze timez i have to remember to pray. Thoze who are in similar situationz, we all must pray. Everyday izn't going to be full of cheer and laughter. But soon or later God will see uz through. God bless.

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