Thursday, February 11, 2010


For a while i've been on a fedora kick. yeah i know i've downed all the wanna be scenesterz and hipsterz for cluttering up the club with their jeanz, blazerz, and conversez with the fedora to top it off. i mean what can i say, 03-05 thatz how I looked. befor I waz cool to dress like that. any how i've been giving it a second though to going back to wearing them. started out with my plaid kangol number which I trull adore. Then i've scoped out a few otherz. with fedoraz to me it comez down to dezign. some hatz I love becauze of their color and shape. I may not be fond of the color of a particular dark brown wide brim. but becauze itz a stand out becauze itz huge, it will get a second look. but with a fedora theirall rather small. many are dressed horribly with ugly hat bandz and otherz... well u get the picture. but a certain plaid, or maybe a color, or a dezign might change how i feel about it. thiz particular hat waz found on a site that you would never think to look. In the men'z heritage section on yez the store iz very wack and iz at the butt of every female fashion joke. And the men'z section givez me a headache with thiz hipster stuff. but out of the ashez of wackness rizez a great peice that could work with many fitz. but the key to my fedoraz twist em!!!! Just gave away some FuZz for ya'll!!!

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