Saturday, February 13, 2010


Aside from dezert bootz, GBX iz sliding into the sneaker phaze just like their sister company Impulse. However, Impulse az a whole haz captured more a trendy feel with their footwear. But GBX, iz coming with a different approach to the situation. They have more of a bold and strong stand out than hip and trendy. Take the gold and white pair or what they call it, white and Gun metal. very strong, sleek and fashion foward. Lookz like the type of sneaker u would find in a dior look book. The two buckle strapz add a very masculine appeal that showz strength. now the other triple threat of the foursome also exhibit power, but through the choice of colorz. The green, the wine red, and the blue are jointz that were created to make a strong statement with any outfit. My personal pickz are the white/ gunmetal and the green/white. I don't have green kickz so thoze are on my list (green wide brim will go to work with em) . While i'm aat it, take notice people. GBX iz real heavy on the dezign. No logo'z any where. LOL! That letz u know who their audience iz.

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