Saturday, February 27, 2010


Now Donell Jones haz alwayz been one of my favorite starz. Since Mr. Jonez haz been gone from the scene recently, he'z been more relaxed az of late. But I cherish the dayz when he waz the poster child for wearing great wide brim hatz, apple jack hatz, and fedoraz . But the illest part waz he made it relevent to a teen growing up in 2000-2001. Now Donell'z choice of hate for the Bossip interview iz rather interesting. A mix between a steson brim and a fitted cap. Some have remarked it az stupid looking. But to be honest it suitz him and it makez him look rather fresh. That bringz out a youthful appearance. Personally me being a hat enthusiest I wouldn't wear it. I wouldn't mind having it in my collection. But az far az wearing it... Not my cup of tea.

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