Sunday, February 14, 2010


Impulse haz stepped out with a few more modelz from their 2010 spring line that plan to have all eyez ya footwear. ROCKIN IMPULSE BOAT SHOEZ ON THE HARBOR SIDE!! LOL! Following the rest of their popular boat Shoe vibe they've stepped out on deck with two pair that are sure reck havoc. the black red and white pair are sure to attract attention. red alwayz iz an attention getter. however, my shocker favorite haz to be the white and wheat pair. Which present a smooth sleek feel. i would have to work with theze becauze they can transition with many other colorz, from tan to mustard. But the cream of the crop have to be the white checkard print pulsez with the red in them. I think i'd have to work with thoze! Dangerouz!!!

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