Sunday, March 13, 2011

Womens Deréon Victoria Heel - Brown

Theze are def a stand out shoe for the female who wantz to destroy the scene. However, the irony behind the shoe freakz me out!!!! A peep toe boot???? Iz it a winter shoe or a spring summer shoe? Like I have said befor if you attempt to wear theze babiez during the summer you have to wear theze during the night fall unless your that bold of a female to say screw it!!!! def deem theze babiez az a club night shoe. A great looking piece of footwear, but one doez struggle with when to wear it. During the winter I also suggest that tightz or some sort of stocking iz orn with it. I know some femalez might refute me, but that'z how you balance the nature of the shoe with the season.

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