Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I waz thumbing through the XXL mag and I came across the Stacy Adams Sneaker ad and it caught me by surprise. For one i'm used to seeing sharp dressed men decked out with three piece suitz and dress shoez with the sickest hatz. But, when u see thiz particular ad it showz ya average young, hip, and trendy gentlemen in skinny jeans. But after looking at it more and more I really understood their approach. For yearz they've appealed to our four fatherz with sleek dress shoez. From there they expanded into sleek clothing for our four fatherz. Now it'z time to expand to their grand children!!! I'm stll not into they're whole entire line of kickz, however I understand what they're trying to do. On a side note I am considering the pewter goldish kickz. Man my reaction to thiz ad must be the same when people see me do a suit and sneakerz!!!! But, thingz do have to change. Evrything can't alwayz stay the same. There doez have to be a balance. I love that the company isn't afraid to step outside the box of their image.

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