Friday, March 11, 2011


More and more i'm starting to embrasse theze dress casual outfitz that make a statement without really getting dressed to the ninez. With Neyo at timez he makez me mad becauze when he casual he takez all the wayyyyyyyyyyyy casual!!! He'll Go from refined gentleman to an Armani exchange ski cap wearing tight t-shirt wearin brotha!!! But thiz outfit right here iz one that I say receivez a thumbz up!!!! The stand out piece in the fit iz the redish burnt orange leather jacket!!!! On red carpetz everybodiez going for the cool jamez deane look with black leather jacketz. But thiz joint bringz a great touch of color to the scene!!! The white dress shirt iz a better alternative to wearing a t-shirt underneath the jacket. The light blue denim balancez out the look from head to toe which allowz for the shock value for the climax. Neyo'z Shoez are so freakin nasty!!!! And thank god he topped it off with the plaid driver cap!!!! Over all Neyo iz one of my favorite dresserz and iz one of the best dressed entertainer'z in the industry. And thiz outfit really shoez off hiz real style abilitiez.

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