Sunday, March 6, 2011


Wow the Stacy Adams brand haz thrown their hat in the running with being a huge dress shoe company that haz decided to capitalise off of the Sneaker Market. Some may see thiz az a ploy to battle the rival brand Impulse that made their transition from dress shoez to sneakers. Otherz may take it az the brand trying to move their footwear into a new direction. The two most stylish modelz have to be the Stacy Adams blaze(red/black and brown/gray) and battle(the pewter gold high top)! The pewter gold battle jointz are the onez I would think about copping. The red/blackz remind me of the Jordan 1's. For me I have enough kickz with the red/black color way in the scheme. Az a whole it'z a decent start, however they have a long way to go Since Impulse iz killin the alternative Sneaker game at thiz point!

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