Monday, March 28, 2011


I waz thumbing through the Source Magazine and came across Gucci Mane'z spread. the Tuxedo Bling mash up iz def on point when it comez to the styling. I personally would wear chainz with a tuxedo. It bringz a street/hood edge to a dapper look. For Gucci being one of thoze rapperz who wearz the title of hood rich on their chest, it fitz him. At least he'z willing to do a photo shoot where he haz to get dressed up. He could go the Birdman Rout and just decide to do the leather jacket thing for the 50 millionth time!!!! Nothing wrong with that Birdman iz one of the flyest rapperz in the game. However, what happenz with most rapperz they try to keep it all the way real to the point where they just stay in one box and never peek their head out. there iz a world outside of what you know. Even if you are at the top of the food chain. But Gucci iz one that doezn't mind trying hiz hand at different situationz when it comez to stunin.

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