Friday, July 9, 2010


It's funny seeing people'z reaction when they see me coming down the street, or where ever suited with my briefcase. Personally for my usage of it I carry my essential needz such az my notebookz, penz, folderz, a kangol, and GQ mag. But the overall message i'm sending to the world iz that "I MEAN BUSSINESS". When u walk down town or in any metropolitan area all u see are executivez that are making the lawz and controlling the livez of millionz of the middle class and the poor. And after they're finished ruining life for the average American they stroll the city strip in their tailored hugo boss suitz and their leather briefcase in hand. See the briefcase iz a known statis symbol that setz the everyday individual apart from the real moverz and shakerz. It givez the spectatorz the idea that you came from some where important and have some where better to attend afterwardz. Itz one of the accessoriez a well dressed man needz to finish off an outfit. In my opinion the briefcase haz taken the place of the man bag or man purse!!!

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