Thursday, July 29, 2010


The makingz of a great dresser doesn't start with an abundance of clothing. It starts with being able to be versitile with key peices and creating workz of art by mixing and matching. In thiz segment I uze my favorite style consious DJ Cassidy az an example. Thiz gent alwayz lookz hiz best when doing hiz 2010 jay gatsby look. For a hugo boss party he dawnz and all yellow outfit including hiz pattented yellow cardigan, yellow polo, yellow shortz, and a tan brim with a yellow hat band. Succh a lively ensamble for what could be a dry event. Then in another frame, conveying a lively yet down played look he pairz the same hat with a yellow polo same az the hat band, with a classic greenwich ct preppy sweater and hiz favorite white adidas's. The keey iz to maximize itemz and colorz by creating new outfitz with old itemz.

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