Monday, July 19, 2010


Therez a statement i remember that dealz with kingz, queenz, and monarchy. It sayz "show me a story where the king doesn't die and gets to live happily ever after"? When I think of this statement I usualy think of the reign of julius Ceaser. The gentleman waz praised to the highest as if he were Good himself. what belongz to God iz God'z but what belongz tp Ceaser iz Ceaser'z. What a bold statement. Even when you look at movie'z that portray ceaser he'z treated az a larger than life individual becauze winning a battle to control Rome. However, hiz rise to power waz met with hiz share of criticz, back stabberz, and scandle. Which bringz me to the subject of Power. with power comez great responsibility. Ceaser broght forth a self rightouz power trip of vanity. IN THE NAME OF CEASER!!!!! HAIL CEASER!!!! But when a larger than life individual where your persona becomez gigantic by the day your bound to be met by a fierce opposition. I just shake my head at how Ceaser would lay in a pool of blood at the handz of a friend. Having Power in onez hand iz the biggest irony. For one many wish to obtain it, however many can't handle the backlash that comez with it. Iz power worth having?

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