Wednesday, July 28, 2010


When I see a member of Diplomats, dip-set, byrd-gang, skull gang (or whatever they call themselevez) dressed to the nines in a suit, it alwayz surprisez me. I mean it waz just five yearz ago that cam'ron, Jim jones, and Juelz santana Landblasted Jay-z for wearing button down shirtz and so called dressing like the white man in a suit and tie. Here we have Dip-set's official leader cam'ron who since 2001 has been noted as one of hip-hop's style Icon's and personally one of my favoritez az well. He became notorious for dawning the color pink, in hiz wardrobe and started a huuuuuuuugggggggeeeeeee trend of it in 2003-04. There are many that did pink befor him, however know one did it in abundance quite like him. So with that being said, itz safe to say Cam iz no stranger to getting fly. But when we get into him wearing a suit, thatz a different matter. I have to say I love thiz look cam iz dawning in thiz pic. The suit remindz me of something Tom Ford would create. Many would hate on the blue pocadot tie with the dress shirt but it rockz. That look would be killer in Soho, not so much Harlem. For the most part thiz outfit doezn't look bad on Cam, however knowing cam'z nature it kinda feelz like thiz waz the stylistz taste and not of hiz own choice. He'z also giving off the vibe that he'z not thrilled about wearing the suit. lol!!! but I still give it a 8.