Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have theze kickz in red and white. I must say I waz a lil leary of theze jointz when I first bought them becauze they reminded me of converse Chuck taylors, AND I HATE CHUCKZ!!!!! But when I rocked em for the very first time they looked great with my outfit. But after wearing them I understood that the Radikal-G seriez of GBX setz itself apart from the competion in the sense that they make the type of sneaker u can az eazily dress up or dress down. when people where chuck talorz and a suit, it automaticly bringz the style level down a few notchez given the concept of the shoe. However, with the Radikal-g u can wear them with a variety of lookz and still get the same point across. Theze white and blue g'z can be paired with many itemz. For the gent trying to experiment i can see a white blazer, white dress shirt with the collar open, white kangol, navy blue indigo jeanz (yez u can put ur levi 501'z on) and theze kickz, and you'll be crisp when u step in the party. I would def put navy blue lacez in em to bring out the navy blue. I love giving away style ideaz!!!!! Best part of the shoe... PLAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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