Saturday, June 26, 2010


In my leisure I like to collect magazinez, anything from XXL, Source to GQ, Details, vanity Fair, Esquire, and ect. Anything inspiring. I waz going through my collection and I came across thiz issue of XXL from summer of 2001 with Jay-z and beanie Segal. At the time Rocafella had a monopoly over the rap industry. And thiz issue highlighted a lot of the industry beef that Jay-z and Beanz were going through. I mean they had beef with Jadakiss and the lox, Jayo Felony, Nas, cardan from Mase'z Harlem World group. The front of unity that waz displayed on trackz and recordz are what really made everybody beleave in the Roc La Familia. Thatz why now itz so hard to Beanie talk so visiouz about Jay in interviewz and on trackz. But on hiz end I really think hiz trialz and tribulationz with jail and the legal system really pissed him off. Then seeing Jay move on to become a cultural icon and a fortune 500 figure head while he sitz in a jail cell didn't help matterz. But on Jay'z end it feelz like how many timez can u keep stickin ya kneck out for people when they don't want to even help themselvez? I guess itz true, thingz don't last forever.

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