Friday, June 4, 2010


Going into men'z shoe storez and dress storez i'm alwayz into finding the sickest dress shoez out!!! I know u've heard me say that particular statement befor, but i love finding shoez that up the anti when it comez to dezign. One of my favorite brandz that at timez amazez me with their creativity, Iz Robert Wayne. I started taking notice of the brand back in 2005, when i bought the wheat and gray slip on'z u see in the pic. All around comfortable shoe, and stylish. The white pair with the blackish/gray tips we some of the first pair of the long square pointed toe shoez, which became popular around the same year. The crowning portion that capz off thiz portion of my robert wayne collection would have to be the tow pairz of denim pointed toez. Now you have to understand, ROBERT WAYNE WAZ ONE OF THE FIRST TO TRY THEIR HAND IN THE DENIM ARENA BACK IN 2007!! But becauze of it becoming a rizing trend amongst shoe companiez, everybody makez denim dress shoez!! Some a good, otherz need to be chucked in the trash. But I respect how robert wayne Doez their denim dress shoez! To be honest Denim iz their specialty. My problem iz more so with the storez that carry their shoez, only want to stock their simple dezignz and not their exotic jointz. To be honest I hate their basic plain black pointed toez. And I really hate their basic white. Which givez off the illusion that basic iz all that their good for. And trust me, thatz not the case. Even the art work on their boxez letz u know they're capable of greatness(handz down the best shoe box artwork). The retail storez and men'zz wear shopz need to smarten up. Any way next week I'll show u why they call me the Giorgio Brutini Mobster!!!

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