Wednesday, June 30, 2010


At the BET Awardz there waz a lot of hype over Chris Brown being reaccepted back into society,which i'm definetly proud of. However, opening the BET Awardz waz another ostrisized artist kanye west who performed hiz new single power on top on the top of a well made replica of a vocanic mountain. But what had the internet and award viewrz a buzz waz the huge monsterouz chain tha dangled from hiz kneck a Mr. West performed. Becauze in true kanye fashion, he refuzed to come off the top of the mountain, symabolizing that one man shouldn't have all that power, it waz hard to really tell what type of chain that waz. But soon twiter waz jumping with tweetz about hiz chain being a golden Horace chain which standz for Horus the Egyptian/Pegan sun God, which standz for freedom and ect(which iz represented through the bird joint). in my opinion over all the chain iz hot, itz a new school verzion of the old school king tut joint. For it representing freedom from what the media and society waz placing on him in conjunction with the song it waz fitting. But I could only think to myself, what happened? What happened with the whole Jesus peice? Are we abandoning the faith to seek other meanz. Well a lot of people have felt that in the last few yearz, kanye'z faith in christianity wazn't az strong az some many beleaved during the time of college drop out. From the way he promoted Jesus walkz and getting it to a song thatz played in the clubz to sitting in an interview in australia renouncing hiz christian faith, many are questioning haz he gone insane. He haz been through a lot from Lozing mom, to breaking up with hiz girl friend(alexis phifer, pre-amber rose), to being sued by organizationz and being called gay. However, it might jus be a way to get the world talking. I mean kanye performed at the award show and didn't stay to watch the rest of the show, nor attended the after partiez. Which waz a bold move. Yet the blogz are still buzzing about hiz performance. With hiz new album dropping thiz september there will probably more to come from kanye.

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