Sunday, June 13, 2010


Itz something that really inteaguez me when I see older white men step outside of the corperate office fortune 500 power suit and step into more eccentric attire. Children'z music song writer and performer Dan zanes iz one who def stepz outside the box of the style arena. He'z a type of London edge to him. If one didn't know any better, he could be mistaken for an old english rockstar. The hair and all really setz the look off. Now going back to my age old philosophy about shoez vs whole outfitz, judging from dan'z style he seemz to be a gent who iz more concerned with the over all outfit instead of great shoez. like i've said there are some who get dressed around a great pair of shoez, leaving the rest of the outfit az a supporting cast. Where otherz, put together bold outfitz uzing evry element of the outfit az the canvas. I tilt my hat to Dan Zanes for pushing style to the limit.

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