Friday, June 18, 2010


The wardrobe of an african american man of the cloth iz alwayz entreaging. Many have the Black male preacherz are at the butt of many jokez. In the sense that itz hard to tell a preacher from a pimp, becauze of the loud color suitz and bright colored shoez and long suit jacketz. Which iz true, however what seperatez the two iz the true intent of their heart. Anyway, with that being said, in thiz segment of for the love of the FuZz I'm highlighting Pastor Jamal Bryant, Pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church. You may be wondering where u saw thiz gentleman. You may have noticed him from the TV One show Donald Trump'z ultimate Merger. Yez the Gentleman whoze dubbed Armarosa'z spiritual advisor. It iz aparent he haz one of the most imppecable style'z out in the christian community. I love the concept behind hiz look, the majority of hiz suitz are well crafted with a muted edge. But the kick of extravigence iz found in the design of the dress shirt or button up and the tie. And like steve harvey, he also goez for a more low key shoe. Which iz how the majority of today'z male preacherz in the black community dressez. Unlike the old guard'z of yester year that came through the sancuary with dress hatz and wild color shoez, many of today'z clergy are trying to distance themselvez from that side. Personally I'm a fan of the look, and many timez I practice the muted suit, wild color shirt and tie combination. But we all know how Milt-Fresh getz down. After that shirt, I got get the shoez to go with it. Then after that, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllll letz get that hat to go with it!!!! LOL! so negro of me lol!!!

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