Monday, June 21, 2010


Me being a shophalic I'm alwayz on the hunt for itemz that are off the chartz!!! Everything from shoez shirtz, vestz, polo'z, hatz, jewelry, and most of all fabric. So when I get dressed one of the numerouz questionz that people, young, middle aged or elderly ask me iz "do I get my clothez from New York"? Now for centuriez New York haz been known az the shopping capital. However it killz me that sooooooo many people put so much faith in New York being a shopperz paradise. I mean letz be real, all theze so called exclusive boutiquez in New York order from the same placez. And to be honest the majority of the downtown/metro areaz of any city are filled with the same type of storez and are gearded towardz the same demographic that floodz the area. People have thiz fixation with going out of town to buy the hottest clothez and accessoriez. They've totally lost faith in their shopping areaz. For me personally I shop everywhere. See the problem that people'z taste level and creativity iz low. People walk into storez ready to be blown away with the fly new ish, only to be hit with self inflicted disappointment!!! Shopperz want to see that bold break through item right in front of them. But the mecca of great shopping izn't in the bright lightz of the big city. The other issue iz people from small citiez and areaz love to brag that they got their clothez from New York. You don't know how many suckaz be walkin around frontin talkin bout they copped kickz from the "the city". Knowing that the majority of theze storez out here have the same kickz. It givez people that whole "I spent 400 buckz on thiz, just be like N!$$@ u ain't up on thiz vibe". But let me say thiz, It'z safe to say I'm the flyest individual in my city and one of the flyest dudez on the east coast, and i haven't been to New York in 6 yearz. I've been through New York on my way to Greenville, NC(which to be honest iz the true mecca for men'z shoe shopping over new york, YEAH I SAID IT!!!!!). But I only get to go to NC twice a year, so that meanz I have to rely on spotz that are in my city and area for my shopping pleasure. I'm gonna be the first to tell u itz not where I shop that makez me ill, itz how I put my outfitz together that makez the difference. There are men with some of the same dress shirtz, tiez, hatz, and shoez az me. However, they'll never rock it like me. FREE YOUR MINDZ PEOPLE!!!!!

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