Thursday, July 7, 2011


Even though my exterior may present different, i've always been interested in the subject of love. Don't get me wrong my Bio does not contridict wit this blog post, I AM A REFORMED PLAYER!!! But even in my player day's i've always been interested in that one word that conjoins two individuals together. To see acouple standing side by side, hand and hand, arm and arm really does my heart good. Meaning that amongst the many of suitors, one could have chosen, there was a mutual feeling that brought two entities together. Though the holding of hands is more so a novelty act to the public, it's what happens after the date is over that really lets one know that love trully exists. Which in my eyes love is a more spiritual feeling than physical. Listening to the person in their time of need. It's being there for that individual when all hope is gone. To love someone in a relationship is to down right out be a friend. The best relationships aren't the ones you find at the club, or at the mall rollin up on a chick while tryin to impress ya homies!!! It's the friendships you have with a person that blossoms into something. like Musiq Soulchild said, we went from a spark to a raging fire!!!!

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