Sunday, July 10, 2011


when getting dressed at times, i often like to mix world's that normally would have nothing to do with one another. This partcular look i've dubbed as the Preppy player style. what makes the look preppy is the sweater tied over the shoulders gig. The player part is the pork pie, antonio zengara shoes, and the gold and silver chain hanging from my belt. I mean not for nothin you don't know if i'm going to stroll filmore in San fran or about to hit a Polo match!!!! But one thing that does bind the Preps and Players together, is their heavy usage of bright colors and bold designs. For the preppy look, check out any Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger add and you'll see how bright and bold colors plays a part in the scheme. Then everybody knows the pimps and players lol! But check out old stacy adams adds where black gents were dressed to the nines in bright bold color suits from head to toe. The only real difference between the two is what they represent. But not for nothing most greenwich CT preps built their empire off of Pimping the system!!! OH I'VE SAID TOOOOO MUCH LOL!

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