Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I was watching the 2011 BET awards and to be honest nothing really struck me as far as real serious slick outfits go!!! The majority of everything I saw was either a white suit or a black suit, or some wild leather jacket number!!!! But nothing tha really made a serious statement. Then I saw Tyga from Lil Wayne's Young Money record Label, and saw him step out on the red carpet oozing suavness!!!! Out of all of the men, I have to say I loved his look the most!!! Crazy thing is it was a freaking simple look but it's how he carried it off. Black silk butrton down shirt, a pair of black dress slacks, and the meanest black velvet slippers, with black versace shades topped off with his signature Gold Last Kings chain. Tyga really killed the scene lookin like the ultimat Bachelor. Usually when i check for outfits on any red carpet i go for all the Bells and whisles!!! But this was an understated look that was taken to the next level with outstanding accessories and most of all CONFIDENCE!!!! Dude stylin on em!!!!

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