Monday, July 11, 2011

BRAD1111 BRAD!!!!!! BRAD!!!!!!!

Eversince his debut on the reality tv scene with the Rachel Zoe project Brad Goreski has grown to become a modern day style icon in his own right. Everone has been in awwww of his preppy chic look with blazers, bow-ties, dinner jackets and ect. Def a style beast in my eyes. And he def didn't disappoint at the IWC event, where he sported a red jacket, white shirt, black bow-tie, royal blue pants, and kicks.The kicks remind me of something Lanvin would do. Some would say that him sporting sneakers with the look throws it off. But, I understand the style mash up. it's always wild hitting em with something daring and unsuspected. Even though i can't lie a dress shoe is calling with this outfit. There have been times when i've gone for the whole dressy/dress down look and i've gone to throw on kicks and i look at the fit, smh and throw them dress shoes on!!!!

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