Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Nothin makes me feel more better than to spend a nice evening alone with my pookie girl veronica!!!! We spent a cool night at the Habachi Buffet and Grill. Me and pookie decided to stunt casual FuZz on em. Not for nothin but my pookie was lookin so gorgous killin the black, blue, and silver. Anyway, Man I swear we stuffed ourselves til we thought we were going to burst!!!! We decided to battle eachother seeing who could eat the other under the table!!!! But we had fun!!!! Can't stunt joint ain't nothin like red lobster or olive garden. But it's a cool chill go to spot. Even if you can get pass the waiters and waitresses. Our waitress was so freakin into our outfits until she brought me a coke instead of a lemonade!!! lol! That chick tried to have me bloated!!! Lol! Then she gonna try to pocket my change from my $100!!!! Broad crazy!!!! Tryna be slick!!! But all in all it was great night. A night for true love to live

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