Saturday, December 18, 2010

Young rich and tasteless!!!!! Let me see ya grill

Ahhhh yez the Gold Grill or gold frontz that have been one of the bigest statis symbols in the hood for agez. Started with just the gold tooth and ened up with a whole row of gold in your mouth!!!! Many feel that wearing gold teeth iz tacky and tasteless way for a low life to flaunt their wealth. But when one of the most biggest and wealthiest entertainer/power mogul, izn't afraid to slap on gold frontz it raisez some eye browz. Mr. Hello good morning, sean "diddy" combs haz been seen in the last five yearz sporting bottom gold grillz in most of hiz music videoz and red carpet appearancez. I can even remember a few videos where he's even sported a suit and gold fronts in his mouth. Yes very slick rickish!!!! Lol! However it says a lot about taste. When you look at what diddy has accomplished in his career, you ask yourself why the gold fronts!!!?? Yes your keeping it street or hood, yes your the life of the party, but one would ask is that becoming of a black power mogul. But then you say to yourself befor Sean was business mogul with a clothing line and a record company, he was a hood dude from Harlem. I guess what they say is true, you can take the boy out the ghetto but you can't take they can't take the ghetto out the boy. In my opinion I like to see diddy flashin his gold fronts. Because, his demeanor balances how far ghetto he can look. He can rock gold fronts but can also hold a conversation in a board room with wallstreet execs and not come off ignorant.

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