Saturday, December 4, 2010


Roland Martin haz to be one of the slickest dresserz in journalism. While thoze who are trying to project themselvez az refined gentlemen dawning bow tiez, Roland setz himself apart from the competition with a slew of ascotz. Yez the ascot, a form of men'z neckwear that many distinguished well dressed gentz have worn many centuriez dating back to the 1800'z. But thiz african american tv news jornalist haz uzed the ascot a hiz personal wardrobe staple when he'z not reporting the newz. Wearing colorz such az yellowz, pinks, peach, red and ect. Most of all he keepz hiz suitz nuetral which allowz for hiz choice in neck wear to be flashy. However, a spoof waz done on a while back on Comedy Central'z Colber Report hosted by Stephen Colbert. Colbert went az far az to Mock and bash Roland Martin for wearing an Ascot during a news telecast. Calling him skipper from giligan'z Island and digitaly drawing a picture of a yaught boater'z cap and a boat around a picture of hiz image. For the mos part your going to receive hate becauze you decide to think outside the box. The problem izn't in what they say about you. The problem iz in if you let them stop you. And Stephen Colbert hazn't been able to stop Roland Martin from wearing ascotz. Mr. Martin iz a style beast in hiz own Right!!!! keep FuZzN on em!!!!

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