Saturday, December 18, 2010


So last night i waz in the grocery store and I had to check out the magazine section. I started thumbing through the pagez of the hip-hop mag known az the source. To be honest back in 2004 the source started losing my interest and i stopped reading their publication. But I have to say thiz December 2010 issue waz worth checking out. dawning the cover are two hip-hop artistz that made wavez in hip-hop. One being the platinum selling artist Rick Ross who waz dubbed artist of the year by the magazine. Standing next to him iz the new comer to the scene Pittsburgs on Wiz khalifa who waz crowned Rookie of the year by the publication az well. I give a lot of credit to the stylistz for the sleek and casual for the tuxedoz. Usually tuxedo'z can be a bit stuffy. But for the pagez of the source, they demonstrated that you can be loose when wearing them az well. Starting with ricky rozay, i'm in love with that satin peek lapelz. Followed with a white dress shirt unbuttoned letting you know that he'z at leasure. And you know it wouldn't be right if he wazn't holding a bottle of ace of spade. Typical hip-hop baller move. I do feel they could have givin him a better pair of shoez to work with. Moving on to what haz to be my favorite look, our rookie of the year from Wiz khalifa. Mr. Black and yellow himself pullz of the black tuxedo with a twist. representing hiz hometown of Pittsburgh PA he pullz put hiz black and yellow diamond chainz, black and yellow Pittsburgh Penguins can, and a pair of converse Chuck Taylorz. Now on to the chuckz!!! For thoze who know me, know I can't stand Chuck Taylors!!!! But I must say Wiz iz rocking thiz look so well until even the chuckz look fresh!!!!! and that sayz a lot coming from me!!!! Will I buy a pair neveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! but on Wiz they look great. They go with that whole cool scenester rapper vibe(don't want to say hipster lol!!!). Any way def a good read.

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