Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The button down shirt Steve Harvey wore to hiz book signing at Barns and Noble iz def nasty. I love how even though he kept his suit muted for the signing, he allowed the shirt to speak volumez. The other part iz the shirt izn't too over whelming to the eye. Of course i've been known to sport some dress shirt and tie combinationz that have left on lookerz in a daze lol! Just the way I like it!!!! The next part iz I want to know if the shirt iz apart of hiz line. If so I must say hiz brand'z craftmenship iz remarkable. Usually the dress shirtz for hiz clothing line are ok. Nothing that really shandz out. The tiez he createz are some of the best. But if thiz shirt iz part of the line I def have to come up on thiz bad boy!!!!

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