Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yeah ya'll it's ya boy MILT-FRESH_BEST-DRESSED just here to let ya'll know what's goin on with yours trulley. Good look to everybody who saw the taping of the Mike-nice show on channel 28 CTV. They re-aired the episode with me as the style judge. Everybody be on the look out for the second part to it. Also everybody run out and cop that Bacardi Dark Bonified Leadership 2 mixtape with MILT-FRESH spittin heavy on it!!!!! Yo not for nothin but that mixtape is sick!!!! I'm proud of that dude cardi for puttin that joint out. So shout out to him and keep it movin records. Oh yeah, big announcment ya boy will be honored at Davis Street school in New Haven for inspiring children in their title 1 program. You know at one point I felt I didn't deserve that award because of how frustrated I get, on my job when dealing with today's youth. But as I sit here an ponder I feel that as long i've reached one child I've done my best. I know it's an overly used statement, however it's the truth. I just want to show kids you don't have to be another statistic. Because you come from the hood doesn't mean your doomed for failure. Let me chill, I'm bought to break out into a sermon!!! But yeah I'm just doin what I do best, nothin but stuntin on these humps!!!! They not able to understand how I stunt FuZz so hard. These jealouse cats can't handle me!!!!! It was a dude argueing with his Wife about my dress code. She her and this other lady was tryin to tell him I was one of the top dressers in the city of New Haven, CT!!!! Homeboy was like nah, he ain't the top, he ain't the top!!! But homey had his eye on me the whole day. He nearly burnt a hole in my tangeriene snake skin Stacy's!!!! Man, who doin it like me?! Fur Coats like crazy!!! Hand made dashiki suit game out of this world!!! My shoe collection is growing daily!! Hats, lets not even go there!!! Yo I wasn't even mad with dude. He made me laugh. It's like Jay-Z said, I know you love me, you just don't know how to tell me!!! oh I'll go this far, real dudes respect me, fake dudes want beef, cause they know that's the only way we ever gona speak, ya type of real I don't recognize it's all televised!!! Back then i never realized how prolific Jay was. but that's the truth, these dudes tryna get my attention!!! Hate me now homey!! I ain't never gona stop!!! I done been through it all!!! I've paid my dues, i've earned my stripes!!!! That's why I do what I want to do, wear what I want To wear!!!! These dudes scared of what they see in the mirror!!! God blessed me to be in this state of being, so I gots to strive hard!! They say freaks come out at night. A true freak comes out in the day time. A true freak ain't afraid to be themselves any where or at anytime!!!! Remember that. class dismissed!!!!!


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Liked This Blog Alot And The Part That Made Me Laugh Was The End About The Dude Why Must He Act like That lol Oh And Nice Touch With The Class Dismissed lol Good Job With This One Babe

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh Babe And Congrats On Being Honored I'm Happy For You♥